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About Kevin:

I grew up being a huge sports fan and got into betting on sports back in the early 2000’s.  What originally started as some fun during the NFL season, quickly turned into a passion.  The more time I put into learning about sports betting, the better my results would get.

I decided to start a website based around sports betting named “The Sports Geek” (which I later sold), but building the website and hiring a professional sports bettor to help me fill the site with strategy content and picks really helped me out with my personal betting.

While running the website I was introduced to daily fantasy sports through DraftKings from a friend who told me they thought it would be the next big thing.  I signed up in 2012 I believe, and tried a few contests out but wasn’t crazy about it.  Back then the prizes were much smaller, and I was chasing bigger money with my sports betting and couldn’t be bothered to focus my attention on DraftKings.

Fast forward a few years and the DFS industry really started to grow.  The prizes got bigger and that drew my attention.  I started learning about DFS strategies and doing some research on how to win at DraftKings.  Jonathan Bales, the co-founder of FantasyLabs.com, had some great articles and books out that really helped me learn the strategies for winning at DraftKings.

I dabbled in DFS and DraftKings for a couple years but didn’t start taking it seriously until the 2nd half of the 2014 NFL season.  In 2015 I was committed to try and make some money at DraftKings, and figured I would start doing YouTube videos on my Kev’s Picks channel.

I released some videos prior to the 2015 season covering some DraftKings strategies that I had learned over the past couple years, and then started to release my picks in Week 1 of the NFL season.  Week 2 came along and one of the stacks I recommended in my weekly video was Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson as a GPP play.

Using FantasyLabs to build 25 lineups in the $27 DraftKings GPP contest for Week 2 I had a couple of Bortles/Robinson stacks.  Bortles was under 1% owned and Robinson wasn’t much higher.  Both had big games, including Robinson with 2 TD catches, and along with my other picks I managed to put up a score that took down the GPP for $100,000.

The same week using a similar lineup I also won a ticket to the DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championship valued at $80,000.  I went to the live final in San Diego and took home $50,000 in cash.

Those wins got me really focused on Daily Fantasy Sports, and I’ve been continuing to put out DraftKings picks and strategy videos since.  Although I haven’t had another 6 figure pay day yet, I’ve been lucky enough to win a couple more big cashes (I believe, off the top of my head, it was $50,000 and $40,000 with a few PGA contests – the lineups reviews can be found on my YouTube channel).

I’m lucky and proud to be apart of the FantasyLabs Pro Team, because without the guys over there and their tools I wouldn’t have had nearly the same success I’ve had with DFS to date.

I still love betting on sports and trying to beat the bookies, especially during the NFL season, but there’s just something about going head to head with thousands of other sport junkies and smart guys trying to win life changing payouts that makes DraftKings and fantasy sports so fun.

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